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There is not one ‘Somerset Food Trail’. You choose the route yourself based on what catches your eye or whets your appetite. We've divided the Trail into clusters, or areas, to make it easier to navigate. You don’t, of course, have to confine yourself to one area, although each area will offer plenty to see and do.

Venues open for set times during the seventeen-day event, and opening times vary according to venue, so check out the venue listing and their website before heading out. The Food Trail Festival is mostly free, although some special events have a modest fee. If you can, book in advance as many events, such as tours and tastings, may have limited numbers.

During the festival, participating pubs, cafes and restaurants generally celebrate local food with a special menu. Most are enthusiastic supporters of local, sustainable suppliers anyway. We encourage you to support these businesses by sharing details of them and any locally sourced food they showcase, by referencing @somersetfoodtrail23 and the venue name on Instagram or other social media.


"Our characterful food culture is key to nurturing our community spirit, our sense of identity and place; our resilience. Seeking out and buying from local farmers and artisans means fewer food miles, boosts the local economy and helps create jobs and investment. It also means there's more accountability: you get to know HOW food is farmed. "



Because many venues, such as farms, are not normally open to visitors, their facilities may be limited. If you have special requirements and are concerned about potential difficulties, please contact the relevant venues directly before setting out.


There are many family-friendly activities on the Trail and you are welcome to make the most of them, but please be respectful of venues’ guidance and guidelines around farm animals and machinery and remember that adults are responsible for the supervision of children in their care at all times.


Please consult venues in advance if you want to bring your dog. Many venues are dog-friendly, but dogs and farm animals don't always mix, so it's worth checking.


With nearly 150 farms and food businesses represented on the Trail this year, there’s been a huge amount of information to gather and assimilate by our small team of volunteers. Even though every effort has been made to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee it, and please be aware that events may be subject to delays or cancellations.


The interactive map gives a general idea of the location of venues but may not be 100% accurate. For exact coordinates, please refer to the venue addresses and postcodes (or directions on venue websites), and if you have it, use sat nav GPS or Google Maps on your phone. Out of the way rural venues will have directional signage to help you find your way should modern technology and signals fail.

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