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Pitney Farm / Glebe Farm

Situated on our family-run organic farm, there are three different enterprises, Pitney Farm Shop, Pitney Farm Cafe and Pitney Farm Market Garden, all producing and championing local and organic food. Most of what we sell in our shop and serve freshly cooked from our cafe is grown or reared here in Pitney. The Walrond family have farmed here for over 200 years and we have farmed organically since 1999.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A tasting

Farm tour on Wed 26 at 3pm to see our organic working farm, its animals and vegetable growing areas. Why not arrive early and enjoy lunch or coffee and cake at our on-farm cafe?

More details

Pitney Farm / Glebe Farm

Tours of our organic working farm, to see the animals and the vegetable growing areas as well as our new agroforestry plantings. Food tasting at our on-farm cafe, focusing on the beautiful seasonal varieties of veg grown here.


Wed 26

Any more information?

Tour at 3pm; booking required (see below)


Booking required for some or all of your events, even if free?


Is there a charge for some events, even if others are free?


Any special directions?

Once in the village of Pitney, follow signs to the Pitney Farm Shop and Cafe

How to book


Glebe Farm

Woodbirdshill Lane


TA10 9AP


01458 253002

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Pitney Farm / Glebe Farm
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