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Field Bakery/Gothelney Farm

Field Bakery located on Gothelney Farm is a collaboration between Fred the Farmer and Rosy the Baker. Each Saturday the bakery is open for freshly baked sourdoughs, sweet and savoury pastries, uniquely made from diverse grain grown on the farm and stonemilled on a 40-inch New American Stonemill. Plus pork grown and butchered on the farm and fresh coffee.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A 30-mile Feast, Other

Join us on Sat 29 for a Walk in the Wheats farm tour, discover our incredibly beautiful diverse wheat fields and learn about Gothelney's community of real bread eaters. Bakery open from 9am, tour from 12noon. On Aug 19 we have the Gothelney Farm zero-miles burger BBQ. Buns baked fresh in the bakery using our grain, bacon cured in the butchery and beef from cows grazing our pastures.

More details

Field Bakery/Gothelney Farm

On Sat 29 we'll be holding a Walk in the Wheats farm tour. A chance to walk into the incredibly beautiful diverse wheat fields, visit the farm asa community of real bread eaters and hear about Fred's farming and Rosy's baking here at Gothelney.

The Bakery will be open in the morning from 9am for sourdoughs, sweet and savoury bakes as usual, then we will gather together outside the Bakery and Mill at 12 noon to go together with Fred the farmer for a farm walk into the incredibly beautiful diverse wheat fields. The £10 ticket price includes the tour of the farm and cake after the walk made from fresh milled flour. Note any allergen info: Wheat, diary, eggs.

We've had to postpone our Gothelney Farm Zero-Miles burger BBQ due to the weather. Now scheduled for Saturday August 19. Any tickets sold will be valid then. when the three food-producing enterprises on the farm will come together to make the ultimate burger!


Sat 29 and Sat 19 August (postponed from July 15)

Any more information?

• Sat 29 Walk in the Wheats farm tour. Bakery open from9am; tour starts 12 noon.

• Gothelney Farm zero-miles burger BBQ POSTPONED. Now on Saturday August 19, 12 noon-3pm. Booking required. See below for link.


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How to book

• Sat 29:
• Aug 19:


Gothelney Farm

Charlynch Road



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Field Bakery/Gothelney Farm
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