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At West Country Water Buffalo we believe it is important to know where our food comes from and how it is reared. Our herd of around 250 water buffalo are only reared on our farm, housed during the cold/wet winters, then free to range our lush green fields during the rest of the year. We are a family run farm and started off selling home bred buffalo meat which proved to be very popular in 2016. We wanted to bring together everything that is great about water buffalo and provide a unique range of products for our customers to enjoy – this started with the raw milk and ice cream, and at the end of 2018 we began our journey to produce Buffalicious mozzarella.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?


Open days on Sat 29 and Sun 30. Meet our lovely water buffalo, sample our produce and watch a demonstration by our butcher of cutting the different meat cuts, followed by a chef cooking it.

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We are opening on Sat 29 and Sun 30 July for people to meet our lovely water buffalo and sample our wonderful produce. At 12.30pm on both days, we will have a demonstration with our butcher cutting the meat to show the different meat cuts, and a chef cooking it. You'll be able to try it for lunch, and other products and alcohol will be available to purchase.


Sat 29 and Sun 30

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12.30pm on Sat 29 and Sun 30


Booking required for some or all of your events, even if free?

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Is there a charge for some events, even if others are free?


Any special directions?

Located on the A37 between Ilchester and Yeovil

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West Country Water Buffalo

Higher Oakley Farm

Chilthorne Domer

BA22 8LS



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