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42 Acres

42 Acres is a regenerative estate, nature reserve & wellbeing retreat centre. Our vision is to live in harmony with nature, self and others, and to grow and consume in a way that serves the health of people and the planet. We grow, forage and wild-tend foods to create wholesome, nutrient-dense food. As we cultivate and restore health in our earth, we restore the worlds within ourselves.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A tasting

Join our 'garden grazing' edible mini-safari on Tues 25 of our 100% edible ornamental gardens; learn about our approach to growing food in a way that serves the health of people and the planet. Plus wild foraged teas and cake!

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42 Acres

Join us on Tues 25 July for 'garden grazing' – an interactive mini-safari around our 100% edible ornamental gardens, stopping off at key points to sample edible stems, leaves, fruits, seeds and flowers – some of which might well be growing in your own garden. Learn about our ‘Food Philosophy Beds’ designed to tell the story of 'Soil to Gut'. This experience will include the opportunity to try home-grown and wild foraged teas lovingly created from our agri-wilding site as well as trying your own infusions from plants you select during your edible safari. There will be cake!

Our vision at 42 Acres is to be in harmony with nature, self and others. We'll share how we connect with this vision by gardening in a way that works with nature and offers beautiful spaces that invite us to be mindful.

At the heart of our ornamental gardens is our walled garden. It is both productive and beautiful, being planted 100% with edible plants. Here, we mix vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers in a way that not only holds guests in the space but also nurtures diversity and encourages pollination.


Tues 25

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You are very welcome to stay on our land after this experience, explore our agriwilding projects, go for a wild swim in our seven-acre lake or take out our SUP boards or row boat. Please note that we cannot allow dogs on this experience.


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42 Acres

Holt Road, Witham Friary


BA11 5HL



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