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White Lake Cheese

Artisan cheese at its finest! We produce an amazing range of soft and semi-hard goat, sheep and Guernsey cow milk cheeses, all hand made on our farm in Pylle.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A tasting

Tours of our facilities: see how handmade, artisan cheese is made and moulded, followed by a tasting session.

More details

White Lake Cheese

Come and see how handmade artisan cheese is made, moulded, washed, turned and wrapped during a tour of our facilities. After the tour, there will be a tasting session where you will have the opportunity to try the cheeses that you have seen being made. You will also be given the opportunity to buy the cheeses with a special on-the-day-only discount.


Mon 17, Tues 18, Wed 19 and Thurs 20

Any more information?

All tours will start at 10am and last for around 1.5 hours. Please note that the event is not open to children under 12 years old and the premises are not suitable for wheelchairs or people with mobility issues


Booking required for some or all of your events, even if free?


Is there a charge for some events, even if others are free?


Any special directions?

Postcode will get people to the door


Bagborough Farm, Bagborough Lane


Shepton Mallet


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White Lake Cheese
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