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This Food is Rubbish

Climate change and our relationship to the environment are central to the work of artist-chefs Annalee Levin and Cherry Truluck. Their joint event, supported by Frome Food Network, will be hosted by historic family-run pub Eli’s Rose & Crown. Now in the care of a 5th generation, it has committed to a new sustainable approach; serving carbon negative spirits, reducing waste and composting on site.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A 30-mile Feast

Join this edible conversation, communal multi-course feast and food adventure on Thurs 20. Led by artist-chefs Annalee Levin and Cherry Truluck exploring ideas around a zero waste approach to food and drink

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This Food is Rubbish

Join us for an unforgettable food adventure exploring ingredients too often overlooked, misunderstood and wasted. A communal multi-course feast, conceived as an edible conversation between two contemporary food artists, asking “how might we think, eat and farm differently if we took a zero waste approach to food and drink?”


Thurs 20

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Starts at 7pm


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Eli's Rose & Crown

Rose & Crown

Huish Episcopi

TA10 9QT


01458 250494

This Food is Rubbish
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