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The Good Life Projects

The Good Life Projects is effectively an educational farm specialising in educating people of all ages about the origins of food. At the same time, we are a small working farm rearing rare-breed animals both for conservation and for meat supplying our own on site Farm Shop. This year, we are focusing our efforts into developing the site into a fully accessible site.

What's happening?

A 30-Mile Feast, a Tasting or Other?

A tasting

Cheese tastings on the three Saturdays of the Food Trail, showcasing cheeses produced within a seven-mile radius of the farm. Why not indulge by adding some local cider and charcuterie too?

More details

The Good Life Projects

Our Farm Shop will be open throughout the duration of the Somerset Food Trail but, in addition, for the three Saturdays of the Food Trail, we will be hosting three cheese tasting days showcasing cheeses produced within a seven-mile radius of the farm.

We'll be featuring local cheddar, soft cheese, goats cheese and even sheep cheese. You'll be able to choose from a sample platter as it comes or indulge with extras, a paring of local cider maybe or add some local charcuterie too!

• Cost from £9.95 to £19.95, depending on what you choose.
• From 10am-3pm, booking required, see below.


Sat 15, Sat 22 and Sat 29 for cheese tasting platters

Any more information?

Farm shop open:
• Wed-Sat, 10am-4pm
• Sun 10am-2pm


Booking required for some or all of your events, even if free?


Is there a charge for some events, even if others are free?


Any special directions?

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Rock Farm

Nr Windsor Hill Lane

Shepton Mallet


The Good Life Projects
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