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Westcombe Dairy

Lower Westcombe Farm, Westcombe, BA4 6ER

We make traditional clothbound Cheddar and other cheeses from unpasteurised cow's milk. Our cows graze on the lush Westcombe pasture, nourished by its diverse flora. Expressing the full character of our East Somerset terroir, Westcombe Cheddar is one of only three cheeses to be honoured with the ‘Artisan Somerset Cheddar’ designation from Slow Food. We also produce handmade charcuterie in limited quantities from our pasture-reared bull calves and pork from Gotheleney Farm. Farm shop, tours of cheese/charcuterie/beer production and tastings, in partnership with Wild Beer Co (venue 109).

    Cheese/charcuterie tours & tastings:
    Wed 20: 3pm - 1.5 hr brewery tour and dairy tour, 30min beer and cheese tasting £20/pp

    Westcombe Dairy Shop:
    Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
    Sat 10.30am-3pm

01749 838742

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